BlackJac21  The Self Loading Jack and Dolly 
                                                                                      with a     Lifetime Warranty  and a FREE storage rack                                           



Useful in Car Mechanic Shops where tight space is an issue. 

It's a Wheel Dolly Jack.

Useful moving Classic Cars.

It's a Vehicle Positioning Wheel Dolly and Jack. A Car Dolly Auto Mover.

A useful tool for Tow Truck operators. Can be mounted onto bed of truck using the brackets. This Car Wheel Dolly Jack lifts up tire with ease for positioning vehicle. A great Tow Truck Accessory. 

Add it to your Tow Truck Accessories list.

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Receive a LIFETIME WARRANTY. You don't pay for "replacement parts* " on the BlackJac21.

Premium Heavy Duty Swivel Casters

Description & Features

The BlackJac 21 is a jack and dolly positioning system or self loading dolly used to move locked vehicles away from curbs,or to assist in the alignment of disabled autos to rollback beds or conventional wreckers. They are also used extensively in the automotive body and repair industry as well in Parking Lots,Auto Body,Towing Trucks,Classic Cars or Car Museums just to name a few areas. Their low profile enables them to be positioned under wheels even with flattened tires.

Simply slide the BlackJac 21 so that it cradles the tire and pump the foot pedal. The mechanical jack rack bar will push the rollers together, hence lifting the tire off the ground. One or two people can then push the vehicle in any direction with ease. (A minimum of two BlackJac 21's must be used either installed on the front tires or the rear.) The Jack and a Dolly for car positioning comes with four heavy duty fully swiveling Non Marring casters. You will be amazed at how little effort it takes to slide the vehicle on a flat surface.

Each BlackJac 21 has a maximum capacity (working load limit) of 1,550 lbs., or 6,200 lbs. when used in a set of four (4). They will function with most wheels ranging from 13" through 16" in diameter and tires up to 13" wide.

Sturdy Storage Rack holds up to 4 BlackJac 21's. Easy to store jack and dolly plus easy to roll out to the job site when needed quick. A handy accessory.
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How It Works
The BlackJac 21 operates by a quick action a double pawl and a bi-directional ratchet. Leverage applied mechanically to the STEEL foot pedal ratchets and squeezes the vehicle tire between the 2 rollers until lifting the tire off the ground. The rollers touch only the tires so there is never any contact with the car's frame or undercarriage.  After lifting and due to the low center of gravity the BlackJac 21 is stable and safe while in use.. Being that it is purely MECHANICAL there is no need for hydraulic oils,compressed air or electrical power.

                                                                        *Caster replacements will be evaluated case by case.